Injury at HQ

We've had an injury here at Toy to the World Headquarters. Alex tripped and broke his foot in 2 places (cuboid bone) and also chipped off 2 bone fragments. He's in a boot for the next 6 weeks and has some healing to do. It's been hard for him to walk on it even with the boot because of all the swelling but he's starting to turn the corner now. Good thing we have plenty of LEGO sets to build + movies & shows to watch. And we are still going strong on our game project as well. Hoping for a quick and smooth recovery! 💙

Loonacy - Board Game Tour

This simple little card game is one of my favorites because it’s easy to figure out but also competitive to play. It’s a good one for mixed age groups. The official website says “Loonacy is a rapid fire game where players race to be the first to empty their hand by matching one of two images with the images on the open piles in front of them.  It’s easy enough to teach in a single sentence, and so addictive you can’t play just one game. “

Disney Code Names - Board Game Tour

Alex and I take turns picking out games to play for our board game tour. He picked Vilainous so it was my turn and I decided to go with something a little easier. We were still feeling the Disney vibe so I thought it would be fun to try Disney codenames. 

Disney Villainous - Board Game Tour

Alex and I have been talking about playing through all of our board (and card games) for years and now we’ve finally started our official “tour”. It’s going to be a big project because we have a TON of games. We aren’t even sure how many we own. This will be a fun way to log them all. We are going to also keep track of who wins when we play each one and chart that data at the end. My money is on him winning more often than me.

A Muppet with Autism

We had the most incredible experience recently where we got to meet Alan Muraoka. If you and your kids recognize him, it's because one of the many creative things he's involved in is running Mr. Hooper's store on Sesame Street since 1998. Yes, Alex and I were geeking out over that! Alan was so sweet with Alex and they even talked about Julia, the muppet on Sesame Street who has autism.

Pocahontas - Disney Films Project

I know this film bothers a lot of people because of cultural and historical issues. I’m not going to tackle those here, but I can understand why they are problematic. I enjoyed the overall message of the film of the understanding of peace and acceptance of others - no matter how different they are from us.