Peter Pan - Disney Films Project

Peter Pan - Disney Films Project

We've been a little hit and miss on our Disney Films Project the last few weeks and now I'm trying to get caught up on our reviews. 


Katie's thoughts

Peter Pan is one of the films you think of when Disney Classics are mentioned. I've always enjoyed the film and Captain Hook is one of my all-time favorite villains, especially because of his relationship with the crocodile who wants to finish him off. Tinkerbell has never been on my favorite list because she's a little too snooty for me. I also struggle with Peter himself as he isn't all that likeable. I find it interesting that I enjoy the scenes with Hook and Smee more than the ones centered around Peter. The children are delightful though and I especially love the nursemaid dog Nana.  This movie is well done, but it's not anything that thrills me. I give it 6 out of 10 Mickeys on our rating scale.


Second opinion with Alex

We're back to the good films.

Quite frankly, this is a much better use of songs, plot, and focus. I had "a moment" during one of the more understated tracks, "Your Mother and Mine." 

The plot is a good execution, and there's reason why the whole thing holds up, even today. How do you describe a classic? I struggle to find a way. 

I will admit, any film that has such powerful story at work is brilliance in action. The adaptation team knew what they were doing this time!

This film, I give 8 of ten Mickeys. Points were taken off for the depiction of the Indians, but this film is near perfection. It even redeems Wendy's actress, formerly in the role of Alice.


Riley's viewpoint

I like Peter Pan and appreciate the classic story about the struggle of not wanting to grow up. We all want to keep living our childhood, but when Wendy decides she is ready to grow up, we can also relate to that as well. There's a good balance of emotions in this film. Tinkerbell is an interesting character that I both liked and disliked at the same time. She's a diva, but a cute one. Hook is funny because he's such a stress case all the time. I also like Smee and find him quite entertaining as well. This film gets 7 out of 10 Mickeys from me. 

Peter Pan was one of Walt Disney's favorite stories and he worked for years to get the rights to produce this film. The Disney blog even says that Walt Disney played Peter Pan in a school play!

Even though Tinkerbell is not my favorite character, we have some fun memories around her because Riley dressed up in a darling Tinkerbell dress for Halloween when she was three years old. She fell in love with this dress at The Disney Store and she was the perfect little pixie in it!

Think of the happiest things ... it's the same as having wings!

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