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Injury at HQ

We've had an injury here at Toy to the World Headquarters. Alex tripped and broke his foot in 2 places (cuboid bone) and also chipped off 2 bone fragments. He's in a boot for the next 6 weeks and has some healing to do. It's been hard for him to walk on it even with the boot because of all the swelling but he's starting to turn the corner now. Good thing we have plenty of LEGO sets to build + movies & shows to watch. And we are still going strong on our game project as well. Hoping for a quick and smooth recovery! 💙

The LEGO Americana Roadshow

I absolutely cannot believe my good luck in stumbling on to this display, and on my birthday to boot! I knew this tour was going on, but I had not checked yet to see if it would be in Utah. I kind of assumed it wouldn't be. Bad on me!