The Black Cauldron - Disney Films Project

The Black Cauldron - Disney Films Project

When you review a big body of work like our Disney Films Project, you have to bear through some of the less than stellar offerings. It's a good exercise to watch both the good and the bad and boy, was this one bad!

Katie's  thoughts

Wow. I wanted to believe that all the bad I had heard about this movie over the years was exaggerated, but it really is just a terrible film. I guess if another studio had produced it, I wouldn't be so hard on it. There are plenty of animated films out there that are garbage, but you really don't expect to get one with the Walt Disney name slapped on it. 

I don't really have a big problem with how much liberty they took with the story because that happens in movies. They are rarely true to the original book and we've certainly seen that Disney can get pretty far off from the source material. I do have a lot of issues with the quality of the animation, the haphazard storytelling, the dark content, and the busty women. This is supposed to be family entertainment? The dancer in the bad guys lair does a twirl of her skirt that seems to reveal that she isn't wearing underwear? What the what?

For a movie about a scary skeleton king, it was pretty boring overall. The characters seemed like sketches of themselves in depth and literally as animated beings. The animation seemed to have rough outlines around it that made it look like cutouts on a background. Other parts of the movie seem to have better quality drawing though so again, it's all a jumbled mess. I really felt like I was watching a poor version of something like the Swan Princess. It certainly never felt or looked like a Disney classic.

Oh, and the little furry character was weird and hard to understand. I guess I'll let Alex cover that though.

Bottom line is that this movie gets ZERO out of 10 Mickey heads on our rating scale. I just can't even give it 1 Mickey for effort or pity.


Last Second Warning with Alex

The film is schizophrenic in it's design. One minute, there's a countryside, next minute there's a demon castle. This goes on for The Entire Film! 

Gurgi is the example of Jar-Jar Binks long, long before Jar-Jar existed. Have you seen a film that forces it's Kid-Friendly character down your throat? This is that film.

They also felt that the villain needed a sidekick for some unfathomable reason. That's Marketing's idea, I'm sure. 

The whole film looks like a 80's cartoon that got rejected. This is saying something, considering the type of cartoons that were in the 80's. I felt like I was watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

Does this film want to be a bold new direction, or stay to the Disney formula? It feels like both were happening at the same time. 

This film gets ZERO out of 10 Mickey Ears. This is the worst Disney film ever, and almost bankrupted the studio. 

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