Alice in Wonderland - Disney Films Project

Alice in Wonderland - Disney Films Project

This was one movie that Alex and Riley were not looking forward to watching for our Disney Films Project, but for me it was like revisiting memories from long ago. Alice in Wonderland is a very unusual film in the Disney canon. It was not well received on first release, but has later become a cult classic. It is also regarded as a masterpiece in animation. 


Katie's thoughts

There is definitely a difference of opinion in our house on this film. I will readily admit that it is a very strange film! My brother watched it almost every day when he was just a few years old though so it has a lot of memories for me. I've come to appreciate it's wackiness over the years and I enjoy it for the most part. It's not a fabulous film, but it's fun in it's own way. As a very minor point - I really like the color scheme and art of this film. How's that for obscure? I give this one 5 out of 10 Mickeys. 


Second opinion with Alex

Ladies and Gentlemen, an unpopular opinion.

Yeah, I don't really like this movie. Never have! Walt Disney didn't either, you know. 

You'd probably be interested to find out the hours of songs, scrapped sequences, and additional behind the scenes stuff. STOP BEING INTERESTED, that's the message of the film. Curiosity before reason is a "bad thing", so they say.

The general nonsense of the books is benign. This is more territorial, more in-your-face. And frankly, I don't like it. My greatest grief is with The Holy Terror, a nightmare commonly known as The Queen of Hearts. 

I reserve my 1 out of 10 mickey rating for this movie, with it's one redeeming factor being some of the Cheshire Cat. But not all. If I had the resources, I'd make my own, better version.

Yours, Alex Nelson. (Let the internet arguments begin.)


Riley's viewpoint

There are some very good lessons and morals to the story presented, although it's definitely a strange film. The animation was really fabulous and I noticed the art style throughout the movie. While I can appreciate a lot of good things about this movie, it is just a little too out there weird for me. I give it 4 out of 10 Mickeys.


I've mentioned that I have a history with this film. I even created a scrapbook page about it that is on display in my page gallery on my website.

I have a set of Alice in Wonderland figures from The Disney Store that I've enjoyed photographing.

Riley has some really cute Alice in Wonderland Tsums Tsums

And I find it quite funny that Alex has a Cheshire Cat in his plush collection since he dislikes the movie so much!

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