Aladdin - Disney Films Project

Aladdin - Disney Films Project


I have to admit that I've been worried I would be too sad about Robin Williams when I watched Aladdin for our Disney Films Project , and while I am still very saddened by his death, it felt great to see the Genie again! I'm not sure if there every has been or ever will be another person that brings an animated character to life in the way he did. It's obvious that they just let him do his thing and tried to keep up with him. I remember being very disappointed that he didn't win an Oscar for this performance. I still believe he was robbed! In my mind, Robin was the Genie and this film just let him shine for who he really was. Magical!


Everything about this movie is spot on. The only complaint I have is the Gilbert Gottfried's voice is super annoying, but that is the point, right? He's a villain and it works. I like Jasmine's headstrong personality and that she only fell in love with "Ali" once she realized he was the same boy from the market. She's a strong princess character and she holds her own in this story. Aladdin is flawed, but in a lovable way. He really is a "diamond in the rough". Abu and the carpet add great comic relief. Isn't it amazing we end up caring about a carpet that doesn't even speak?

Oh, and can we talk about the music for a minute? From the opening Arabian Nights to the super catchy Prince Ali intro song, the tunes stay with you for a long time. They are so catchy! This is Disney at it's finest and I would be remiss to give this film anything other than 10 out of 10 Mickey ears. It's one of my very favorite movies - and not just in the Disney universe. It's fantastic!

Second Opinion With Alex “Can I Call You Al?” Nelson feat Genie

Let’s start with our hero. Aladdin manages to give off a good vibe most people have, being basically good at heart, intelligent, but somewhat self-doubting. I mean, hey, who hasn’t been that way? The way he is with the other characters, we really feel a sense of evolution for this diamond in the rough.

Also, shout-out to Princess Jasmine, who I can honestly understand as a free spirit and strong person. She’s not just some pretty face, she’s determined and able to keep up with almost anything. I pick Jasmine as favorite princess mainly because she defies all the expectations of the idle royalty. Also, she has a tiger. Do you have a tiger?


Her father’s not as focused, but that’s due to the manipulation of the grand Vizier and person who was stretched out on a rack for too long, Jafar. If Maleficent is queen of evil, this guy is probably the crown prince. Hypnotism, manipulation of the guard, attempted murder, and more, and that’s before he starts stepping up his game. Gilbert Gottfried does a good supporting part as Iago, complete with just enough jerk in his demeanor to prop up the villain.

The songs are all excellent, with iconic points at every turn. There’s no doubt that the song makers know what they’re doing. And the animation is excellent, and matches the action perfectly.

And that’s 3 paragraphs and a sentence, I’ve proven that you don’t need to lead with Genie for the whole review. You’re up, Big Blue.

My pleasure. What do you get when you hire one of the best comedic actors, let him ad-lib the script, and put your best animation into the results. Well, you get blocked from best screenplay, but you also get the GENIE! Let’s hear it, guys.
*round of applause*
Great audience! Now, this was supposed to be a secret, but the guys at marketing were just so excited that they figured marketing the support as the biggest thing in Aladdin was going to sell the movie. Not that I blame them, but my Voice Actor, Robin Williams, he got a bit miffed. Something about prior commitments?
Anyway, my role in the film cemented the idea of a famous voice being the big draw for future films, including Moana, out now in theaters! Sorry, have to make sure Mickey knows I’m still with him!
Oh, and DISCLAIMER: Robin was a great actor, and he had great talent, so out of respect, let’s just not talk about the more depressing stuff, OK? Now back to your regular reviewer!

This film is one of my favorites in the canon, and another one I wore out the VHS watching. (That’s an old-timey movie player, for the kids at home!)

I give this film 10 out of 10 mickeys, due to its excellence all around.

I concur, but with a quick note. If you see anything like Return of Jafar, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, Aladdin IV: Jafar May Need Glasses, Aladdin V: Jafar Takes the Census, or Aladdin 36: The Quest For More Moolah, those films didn’t happen, and you don’t want to watch them. You know, like the rumored Matrix Sequels.
Thanks for having me over, Alex.

You’re welcome, Genie. Glad to have you here for the review!

Got a lot of free time! I just visited the wrap party for the new Kingdom Hearts game, planning to take a tour of the Rockies, and in a couple of days, I’m going to Europe! Sky’s the limit!

See you later, man! Don’t be a stranger!

Following their efforts in this film, Musker and Clements would ask once again for their dream project to be realized. But Katzenberg had one last job for the duo. They had to prove their appearance on a project to be a modern day Midas at the box office, with a really heroic effort…


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