The Three Caballeros - Disney Films Project

The Three Caballeros - Disney Films Project

The Three Caballeros is the fifth film we are reviewing for our Disney Films Project  

Rave Reviewer Alejandro (Or as you Americans say, Alex.)

Whoa! How'd I get up here? 

Three Caballeros is one of the stranger films in the canon. One gets the feeling that Disney was making the best Looney Tunes Cartoon they could muster. At this, they hit it out of the park, creating something that is neither one, but both. The best metaphor is that of a peanut butter chocolate candy. I didn't get this fully, but the general focus and flow is better than most package films. I give this 4 Mickey heads out of 10. It's strange, but I enjoy this type of strange. 


Riley's thoughts 

The art of in this movie is great! Mary Blair's art shines through strongly in the scenery. My main thought during this movie was "what am I watching?" This is truly one of the strangest movies I have ever seen. 1 out of 10 mickey faces (1 for the amazing art). But I can't help but wonder why is this film so cray-cray?


Third Opinion With Katie Nelson

Alejandro said it was one of the stranger films in the canon, but I'm going to emphasize that I think this is THE strangest movie in the Disney canon! I remember back in my college days when there was a free showing of this movie in the student center. I wondered to myself why my parents had kept this Disney masterpiece from me? After I watched it, I wanted to call and personally thank them for never subjecting me to this film. All I could think of was "drug trip" when I watched the sequences with Donald and the ladies he had the hots for. Yikes.

When my kids were young, they wanted to see this movie. They were sufficiently scarred after watching it and we've joked about it for years. The fact that I've now sat through this movie a third time is a testament to me being slow to learn on this. I'm officially done with the Caballeros now. I'm giving the movie 1 Mickey head because somebody put effort into this and I don't feel good about giving it a zero. This will be my lowest reviewed film of all the canon so it's onward and upward from here!


The Three Caballeros- these characters have been popular enough to still be found in a few places. These plush figures are available on amazon. 

And you can find these three amigos in the Gran Fiesta Tour at Epcot in Walt Disney World.

Definitely a strange movie though. We all agree on that!

What??? (Ladies legs horse, I guess? - Al)

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