Snow White - Disney Films Project

Snow White - Disney Films Project

We've officially started our Disney Films Project where we will be watching, reviewing, and ranking 50 different Disney movies.  Of course, we need to start at the beginning with Snow White.

   picture from the  Disney Snow White photo gallery

The viewing committee for this project consists of me, my son Alex, and my daughter Riley. We are all adults and big Disney fans. I have to admit that none of us were thrilled with idea of watching Snow White again though since it isn't our favorite. A lot of the issue is the voice of Snow White since it is a little on the annoying side. My daughter can't stand it! But this is an important movie in the Disney timeline and we wanted to give it the respect it deserves. As a result, we enjoyed it a lot more than we have in the past.

We still don't adore Snow White's voice (especially her singing voice), but we appreciate the groundbreaking nature of this film and admire the talent behind it. We felt like the plot moved along a little too slowly, but we are definitely used to a more modern and quick-paced approach. The physical humor of the dwarfs interacting with each other was a highlight of the film and the queen sure is evil. Very memorable villain!

Katie's thoughts - I have to give this a fairly good rating just because of the pioneering work involved. What would have happened if this film flopped as everyone predicted? However, the princess is fairly flat in my opinion and I've come to terms with the idea that this will never be on my favorite film list. I do enjoy the dwarfs though. I'm giving it 4/10 Mickey Heads.


Second Opinion with Alex Nelson: Early animation, odd pacing, and a lot of sight gags, but this film resonates for a very good reason.  It's not the type of film that deserves too much ripping into, and as the film progresses, you get more of a sense for our title character. By the ending, you do feel for what you've seen, despite any ribbing you've given the film. That said, the sight gags go on a while, which made sense at the time, but now feels like padding. 

Alex's Verdict: 5/10 Mickey Heads.  While lagging in the initial plot, the whole thing pulls together nicely, and makes a lasting impression. Still, other films will do what this does better.


Riley's Rave Review: First of all, I can't stand Snow White's voice. The high-pitched strains sound like an animal in pain, particularly during the musical numbers. The message of the story, however, is much more bearable, and I enjoy the addition the Dwarfs give to our heroine. The lessons of hard work, patience, and adapting to one's situation make this film more than the initial presentation.

Riley's Rating: While this film is good, it's not among my favorite films, and I give it 4/10 Mickey Heads. It's a fair start, but there will be better films to come.


Facts about Walt Disney's Snow White:

  • Snow White was the first feature length animated film for Walt Disney. It was also the first feature length animated feature to be produced in English and also the first in technicolor. Lots of firsts!
  • Live animals were kept at the studio for the animators to use as reference.
  • Prince Charming is on screen for less than 2 minutes of the entire film.
  • Walt won an honorary Academy Award for his pioneering work on this film. (One large Oscar with seven smaller ones in back.)
  • Walt risked a lot to make the film happen and even used his own house as collateral to borrow money for the project.
  • The film was a financial success when it was released during the Great Depression and went on to gross $6.5 million worldwide by 1939. Nobody thought it would be successful, even Walt's own wife Lillian.
  • When it was re-released in 1944, it was the first film to have a soundtrack published.
  • The American Film Institute listed Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as the number one animated classic film of all time.
  • Along with Pinocchio, it is widely considered to be Disney's greatest film.
  • The Beatles song "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" is based on the first lines of the song "I'm Wishing" in this film. 

Sources: this day in history. 75th anniversary of Snow White. The Beatles Bible.  Mental Floss 23 things you didn't know about Snow White and fun facts about Snow White from Oh My Disney. 

Because Snow White is not high on our favorite list, we don't have a lot of related toys or merchandise. I do own this cute figurine that came with the Disney Store Princess set and I had a great time photographing her with a berry that was just the right size to be her poisoned apple.

Back in 1995, when Alex was only two years old, he used to love playing with this set of the seven dwarfs that belonged to his grandparents. He loved them so much that they ended up coming home with us. I'm not sure what ever happened to them, but I noticed they are available again on the Disney Store site. Probably because of the popularity of the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in Disney World. We've never ridden that train, but we hope to someday!


Thanks for the memories Snow White!


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